My house is like grand central station and the train is running full speed LOL my two older boys have accepted him and are training him with all the bad habits LOL. We couldn’t love him more. I have enclosed pics of the toy pile and the bone pile and him and his brothers...he LOVES the toy pile. We cant thank you enough for the wonderful puppies you produce...
 Cherre-Juy 27, 2015
hey Jean 
I just wanted to send you some pictures of mowgli !! We love him so much he is such a sweetheart. We can't wait to purchase another from you in the future. We are so happy we found you and recommend you to everyone that what's a French bulldog !! Again thank you so much he has such a personality 
Thanks Jessica and Andreas-July 31,2015

I just wanted to let you know that Franklin (Jigs) has settled in and instantly  has become family as soon as we picked him up from you. We are all absolutely in love with him and I cant thank you enough for helping complete our family again.  I will send pictures as he starts to grow!
 Thanks, Leah-Sept. 8, 2015

Hey Jeannie,
 The trip home went really well. Chubbs was passed out for most of it, haha. He's doing great though and seems to really be settling into his new home pretty well. He definitely has plenty of personality and sometimes gets in these moods where he just wants to play and chew (usually right at bedtime, haha) but the crate training is improving along with our sleep and we've had a really good time with him. Took him to the vet yesterday and everything was great there. Thanks again for everything, we love Chubbs and are so happy to have him in our home. 
Hi Jean!
I just wanted to send you some pictures and give you an update on Luna. She's doing great at home and just having fun being a puppy. She's been learning to get along with other dogs at our parents and loves to act like the boss :) She enjoys playing hard and then taking long naps. She's such a sweetheart when she wants to cuddle. We just want to thank you again for such a wonderful little frenchie.
Andrea-Oct.13, 2015

Hi Jeannie
Just wanted to share you a funny Halloween photo of Margo Bean. She's doing great! She's a tiny little thing weighing in at 18.5 lb but her vet says that she's super healthy and is weight appropriate for her frame. Small dog with a big big clown personality, but the sweetest loving pup I could ever ask for.
Best, Hein Oct.27, 2015
Here is our Ozzie, I swore up and down that my dog would never wear clothes. Was I ever wrong.
Verna.Nov.03, 2015
Thank you! We are absolutely thrilled with Peyton! He is so sweet and adorable ! I bought the cake in a special doggie shop!:) Thank you again ! Have a Merry Christmas and best of luck! Elena and Richard-Dec. 4, 2015

Hi, Just wanted give you guys the latest photo of LeRoy.  4.5 years and still the best dog we could ever ask for. LLoyd-12/08/215
Hi Jeannie,
She is doing great! I'm amazed at how fast she is learning. She has had a few accidents but she seems to know what she's supposed to do. 
The most challenging thing has been teaching her what not to chew on but she's been doing pretty good with that too.  She likes to try to sneak away and get a piece of mulch from our landscaping when she's done going potty. 
I was most impressed at how she has learned to self soothe at night though. We are developing a routine where we play pretty hard for a couple hours and then go outside, then she gets to snuggle for about an hour and then it's bedtime in her kennel. She will whine for about 5 minutes but then she quiets down and sleeps through the night.  She's done this from the first night and she's done so well!
She is a tough little girl -- not afraid of anything and very adventurous.   We all absolutely love her!
Here are a couple photos from her first day. 
Thank you!