We brought Walter home 2 years ago this month. He is still just at 20
pounds.  He has been the most amazing boy and a perfect choice of our
family. I tell everyone how outstanding Walt is that it was worth the drive
to get him from you. When we are ready for another, we will be coming your
way. He really is amazing! Natalie-July 2014

Hi, I purchased a french bulldog puppy from you back in June.  A brindle female that was named Garner at the time, now named Penelope. I just wanted to say I am so in love with her. She is so sweet and funny and comical.  Everyday she makes me laugh and smile.  She is very well socialized and so friendly with everyone she meets. I am so happy she is a part of our family.
Thank you again for such a sweet puppy. Michelle Sept. 2014
I just wanted to send you some pics of Gracie! She truly is the most amazing puppy a girl could ask for!                                                                                                                Lisa Sept. 2014
Thank you so much for allowing us to have this loving bundle of fur!!
Hey there!
My mom, Nancy, bought a frenchton puppy from you that was born 2 years ago. I am now completely convinced that I need one of my own. My fiancé and I are interested in a few details like when your next litter is projected, and an approximate price point?
Look forward to hearing from you!
You need to see this photo too. I can't get over her smile!
My wife and I had purchased a pup from you in  July of 2011 and brought it to Alaska for our daughter.

Thanks,Tim August 2014

Newt is one of the best dogs we have had. he is very loving, athletic and smart as a whip. My daughter is moving out and taking my little buddy with her so we would like to get another one. we would like a female, we will be in Newton December 15th through the 18th.

This pic is of Verna, dave and Ozzie when Ozzie was 14 weeks old.
The second pic is when Ozzie was 16 weeks.. He is so sweet we love him so much.. He is with my granddaughter nicolette-August 2014

Thought you might enjoy an updated picture of Otto. Also wanted to say thanks again for all your patience and help with picking him out last spring. We couldn’t be more thrilled with him!  Carrie-Sept. 2014

Hi Jeannie,
I hope you're doing well! I've been meaning to email you an update on Harry and keep getting sidetracked! I changed his name to Brinks. He's my home security :) he's such a character and has fit right in. My other dog Walter is his best friend and Bugsy wishes I'd leave him with my parents everytime I visit. It's so clear they know each other are Frenchies, they have this amazing bond. He's fully house trained and knows sit and stay. He goes up the stairs really well but can't go down yet. I just love him!
All my best, Amanda-October 2014

Hi Jeannie, I just wanted to let you know Bella and Scooter are doing really good. They are so funny and at times a handful. Bella is a very sweet little girl. She weighs 16 lbs and is very petite. Scooter is such a goofy puppy. He is still growing he weighs 21.5 lbs. They are so fun to watch play. When they go to the vet everyone just loves them. I should charge the vet for kisses because we can never get out of there as everyone wants to see or kiss our babies. I have attached a few pictures of my beautiful babies. Thanks again for such wonderful puppies.  Rich and Deb   Nov. 2014

Hi guys! Just wanted to say thank you again. We love our (now) Madison, she is such a delight. Brooklyn and her play so hard and are getting along quite well.  I feel like my family is complete now.  She is so sweet and playful.  Now I have two fans watching me while I cook.   Happy Thanksgiving!!! Andrea-Nov. 2014
Hey there! I thought I'd give you an update after nearly two weeks with us...
Cunningham is doing great! He can sit and is nearly potty trained. News today comes from Long Beach, CA. A dog followed Cunningham on Instagram that is identical to him, but is a girl. Born on the same day. From the Midwest. We found the sister! Or did we? You tell us!  Here is a nice picture for you. Drake and Lindsey  Nov. 2014

Hi Jeannie, here is another picture I just love. It was a few weeks ago when Scooter got neutered and he is wearing his cone. They love each other, it was hard to keep them in separate kennels. They would talk to each other all night and keep us awake. We had to give up the cone and put them back together. Happy Thanksgiving!

We would like you to see how ozzie has grown. He is the smartest dog I have had in a long time. At 5 months he could sit,roll over. stay, lay down and could get some of his toys we asked for. Like his bear, pig, monkey. And his chew bone.. Although he finds time to get in to mischievous too.  We love him so much he has the greatest personality, puts his sleeping blanked where ever  he wants during the day..we were afraid to get him neutered for fear his personality would change, but it didn't change him at all..
Verna and Dave-November 11, 2014