Happy New Year!  Thought you might like to see a couple of pictures of BUBBA (at first we called him Buster, but as he grew up he definitely turned out to be a BUBBA) now that he is growing up... He gets along well with our two Boston Terriers (Nellie and Gracie) although he does get jealous at times and can frequently be found perching on the couch, the NEW CHAIR or sitting on top of his chair to watch the hummingbirds out the window!  It's hard now to imagine a time without our "Chubba Bubba" and we all love him very much!  Sincerely, Jim & April-JAN 2014
Hey Jeannie!
Claude, now named Hamilton is doing great! So playful & friendly, sleeps really well at night too. Just need to work on potty training.
Thank you again sooo much! What a funny, puppy. He loves everyone he meets and is just overall an awesome dog!
Jan. 2014

    Jan 13,2014 at 11:55 AM 

They are doing so so good!

Hi Jeannie,
It's been a wonderful month since I came and got my little freedom bulldog from you. She has really grown up the last four weeks. She really has a great personality. I told you I do have a little weiner dog and a cat as well, and for the most part everyone gets along great. I don't think Lulu had ever seen a long tail or a cat, and she was just mesmerized for a good week. She loves to follow and play with the weiner dog 24/7. Overall, things are going great! I am attaching a few pictures. It is just so hard to choose because I take about 20 pictures a day it seems like.
Hello Jeannie!!
Just wanted to let you know Josie is doing GREAT!!  Who would have thought something so little could bring so much JOY!!  She is doing so good with her training and kids are beyond excited to have such a cute new family member!!  Thanks again for everything!  I will let you know if I have any questions along the way!!  I will also check your web site often on the chance that we are able to talk Ryan into a companion for Josie! :)
Heidi-APRIL 2014
Thought I would update you on our little man. Cato, now named Enzo has really grown. He surprised us with how fast he was picking up on training. He's a loving, good natured boy. There isn't a person or animal he isn't happy to met. Too bad the family cat wants no part of him. When he gets wound up he reminds us of Stitch. Thanks-APRIL 2014
Here are some professional photos we had done of LeRoy last summer.
We love him so much. 
He is such a great little guy!
Lloyd-FEB. 2014
PHOTOS BY perPETual Photography
Was just on your website looking at the recent frenchy babies and thought maybe I should send u some pictures of willie....was gunna be Richard when we got him from u in Oct but decided willie fit better. He is amazing we love him to pieces. He is very smart and very energetic.  Learns fast too. He is very loveable klings to me like fur to glue. He my Lil baby very spoiled. He has also has his sister who is a fawn boxer and his brother our tabby cat who he keeps very busy. We never leave the house without him unless going to work. He loves car rides and getting to go new places!  And when it finally warms up for good he get to join camping adventures and boat rides. We have already bought him his life jacket and bed for the tent! My fiancÚ and I have also talked that in a few yrs we want to look into another frenchy and of course will be from you guys! You make them the best! APRIL 2014

I got "Farley" from you on December 6th, 2012 He is a freedom baby - we renamed Harley.
I just want to say what a character he is - and how happy we are to have him with us. We show horses, and travel all the time across the Midwest. Harley is the perfect companion, loves attention, people, and other dogs. He has the best personality and is loved by everyone who meets him!
Thanks so much for letting us have Harley in our lives. Attached is a photo of him -
Parks Performance Horses  www.parksperformancehorses.com

Hi Jeannie!
It's been a little over a year since my sister and I came to pick up our freedom puppy, Charlotte in March 2013.  She's now about 18 months, and we couldn't be happier with her.  She has the most hilarious personality, and we spend the majority of time just laughing at her! One of her favorite activities is "tumbling"... on walks, she will randomly take a flying leap through the grass and do summer-salts, and then spend time rolling on her back... and she really enjoys "playing basketball," she chases a basketball around in the backyard and makes these squaking noises at it!   I've taken a million pics of her, thought I'd share a few. 
Thanks again for everything that you did for us last year- I can't imagine life without Charlotte! :)
Thanks, Emilie-JUNE 2014
Hi Jeannie,
  I just wanted to send you a quick note and a couple of our favorite pictures of Randall's progress! He has been a true pleasure of a puppy and he fits into our family extremely well. He loves going to doggy daycare twice a week and the trainers there adore him. He just recieved his 3 month vacinations last Friday and was showered with complements from the vet being "the best behaved puppy" she has ever seen! We are very greatful to have him as part of our family now and are excited to see how he will progress further in the future! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful puppy with us - we look forward to working with you again in the future should we decide to expand our family even more. :) 
  Thanks much, Karley AUGUST 2014
Just wanted to shoot you an email to once again praise you and thank you for such an amazing dog. We bought Calley July 5, 2012. She is 2 now! (See attached photo) Calley "Lady" has been a true blessing in our lives. She has grown into such a wonderful, obedient, loving, compassionate dog. A lot of people say she has an attitude like no other, and that she really has her own "special" personality. We thank you so much for giving her to us. We are hoping to purchase another frenchie from you in the near future! Spring/Summer 2015.
Thanks again! Emily & Jordan-July 2014