Jeannie, sorry we didn't connect today.  We were outside enjoying this beautiful weather.  We are in love with the dog you've raised and forever thankful for how wonderfully you've raised him.  He is PERFECT.  My parent's made a special trip up from Byron, MN today just to meet their new grandson.  We've had visitors streaming through our home non-stop since we arrived home last night.  It's as if we just had a "real" baby.  People know how much we love dogs and how important a new arrival to our family really is.  Again, thank you so much for raising a boy who is so beautiful on the inside as well as the outside.  You take care.  We will be sure to keep in touch. 

Anne and Jake
Lily, Cora, and Victor
APRIL 2010

Jeannie and Jerry-

We just wanted to let you know how much we LOVE Turner Jones Claussen (We are an Atlanta Braves family..)!!! He is the most handsome and sweetest little boy in the whole world!  He is on the right track for potty training, but hates his kennel and only is in there while we are at work.  He sleeps with Andy and I right in the middle with his paws in the air snoring happily.  Turner loves kids and other dog, but he does not like to get too far from Andy and I.  He loves our 4 year old daughter.  Addie calls Turner her brother!  We will send you pictures as soon as we figure out how to work the camera.  We were wondering if you could send us the pictures you had of him on the website so we can show him off to our family that lives out of town?  If you don't have them, its no big deal, but our phones don't take great pics so we thought we would ask. 

Hope all is well!
Thank you!
Andy, Mandi, Addie and Turner

She has been doing Great and learning very quickly. I couldn't be Happier she has brought so much love and Happiness into my life. I have Named her Beefy now. Her Vet Visit here went well and got her up to date on her shots. She will be getting fixed next month I don't want to have to go thru her being in heat and I don't want any puppies LoL. Thank you Jeanie for all ur help and a Wonderful Puppy I have recommended you and your website to a few of my friends and people I come across when me and Beefy are out and about. Everyone always stops and says how adorable she is and I tell them where and how I got her. Again thank you so much and I sure will keep you and Jerry updated here and there as she grows up.

Thanks again!!



Hey Jeannie and Jerry,
Just wanted to give you an update on your world travler, Haley is growing into a wonderful young lady.  She has stolen the hearts of many, thank you again so much for all the trouble you went into getting her to us.  She means the world to us and like we thought she is just perfect.
Attached are a few pictures of her, the photo with her wrapped in the pink blanket was only a few weeks after we got her.  The rest were taken last week.
Take care and many blessings,
Vince and Elaine

Hey Jean,

I have been meaning to send you pictures a number of times, but have yet to do so...... until now.

This is Emmitt (aka Davey). In a few days, it will be one the one year anniversary of the day I brought him home. He has been a joy!! He is very smart, loves his "brother" Oscar, and  has a personality that has everyone, friends and strangers alike, eating out of his paw. You can't help but smile when he's around. He not only sounds and looks like a pig sometimes, but his favorite activity is to wallow in any mud he can find! He's almost a year, weighs about 23lbs and can run all the way around the section when we go trail riding. I have loved having him, and want to thank you again!!!!

Hope all is well,

Just a quick update on Barkley.  He will soon be 8 months old.  I am sending a couple of pictures so you can see what a beautiful dog
he turned out to be. He weighs 23 lbs now.  He is so sweet.  EVERYONE that has met him loves him.  He is going to doggie daycare now while I am at work.
He just loves it.  He likes playing with the big dogs not so fond of the little ones but will play with them.   He is truly a joy to my life.  People are still asking me where I got him so I am telling everyone that asks to check out your web-site.
Thanks again
FEB. 2011

Our new puppy is doing GREAT! We absolutely love her! She was a little shy the first few days but now her personality is really coming out :) Her name is now Lulu and she is a little lover :) Although she does get ahold of a stray pacifier on the floor and plays a game of keep away, her favorite place to be is on our laps :)
We want to thank you, we couldn't be happier with the newest member of our family!  I've attached some pictures and also a video of Lulu meeting the next door neighbor doggie friends for the first time :) We will keep in touch and update you on some of the many photos we capture!
~The Pelzer Family
JAN. 2011

FEB. 2011

I thought you would enjoy the attached picture of my bullies.  Sherman (Pied Freedom), Alvis (Brindle French) and Winston (Cream French).  Notice how the Frenchie ‘bookends’ have their tongues hanging out. 

I just love my bullies.

NOV. 2010

Jean and Jerry,
     Montu (Higgy) is doing just fine and is better then ever! We love him more then ever!  Even though he is not much of a snow dog he loves to go around the lake following Jim skiing.  He is now at least 10 pounds and growing. I have attached a few pictures of adorable little Montu.
Thanks, Cindy & family
Feb. 2011

HI Jeannie,
I'm sending you an update on how "Honey" is doing. We now call her Rylee.
She is 8mos old now, and as you can see she's a peanut at 12lbs compared to her big brother, Wilson who's 4yrs & is 32 lbs. The photo of the 2 dogs together is from August. The others of just her are more recent.
She was recently spayed so she's starting to put on more weight but after reading about the testimonials on other puppies from your farm she still seems so small. But,
don't let Rylee's size fool you, she definitely is the one in charge!
You told us when we were trying to decide which pup to take home that she will let you know she's there... And you were right!!! She will give a loud yip if Wilson's ball gets stuck under the couch. Where, he will just sit and stare at it until we figure out what's wrong.
They both LOVE to lay in the sun for hours when possible. Or when it's really cold they come in from outside and sit on top of the heat vents.  =)
She interacts with the whole family but she is definitely my dog.
She will sit by or on my feet and wait for me to finish what ever task I'm doing.  She's so adorable I have to cuddle her for a bit and when I do, she snuggles right in and starts to snore.
She is doing well with potty training now. It took a little while for her to learn that the goal is to go potty and not just go out and then get a treat when she comes back in. She's smart that way. =)
We live in a split level home so we taught her to ring a bell by the front door when she has to go out. She does really well with it. Since day 1 she has sat with out being told once she comes back in from outside. She's definitely treat motivated! She will sit, laydown, and stand on comand. We are currently working on the shake command.
She loves to chew on the edges of her blanket or shoe strings. We call them her "bubble gum" because she will sit for hours and chew on them. At night she's in the kennel because she snores so loud !! I can still hear her through the closed bedroom door. On the weekends she comes into our bed and crawls way down the bed under the blankets to sleep in with us.
She is a sweet heart!!  We adore her more and more each day.
We hope all is well with you and the rest of your brew.
Stay warm and Take care

Troy, Teri, Austin, Hailey, Wilson and Rylee!
FEB. 2011