Dear Jerry and Jean:
I have been meaning to send an e-mail and tell you how happy we are with our little Frenchie, Ray. I purchased Ray a.k.a. "Greg" from you a month ago. My son and I could not be having more fun!! Ray is the talk of the neighborhood and the favorite at our local Pets Mart. Everyone is always asking about his breed and where we found Ray. We are pleased to tell of our wonderful experience with Jelsi Puppies and recommend Jelsi anytime we get the chance. Ray has such a sweet disposition and is so full of life. His funny personality brings us something new to laugh about each day. His cute big ears has earned him the nickname...."Ray-dar".....lol!!! Here are a few pics of Baby Ray....thank you again for your services, your assistance you provided before, during and after our visit to Jelsi and most of all, for our Sweet Baby Ray.
Ankeny, Iowa
JAN 2010
Jerry & Jeannie,
Hello!  Hope you are doing well and staying warm!  This weather is sure getting old!  I just wanted to give you a quick update and pass along some pictures of Jed, now known as Cooper.  He is doing great, has everyone wrapped around his little paw, and is just the sweetest puppy ever!
Thanks so much for such a great little dog!  We love him to pieces!!!
Mike & Tricia
FEB 2010
Hi Jeannie,
Just sending you some pictures of our little guy, Morris. He's 3.5 months now and we just love him. We call him "bulletproof" as he's not scared or shy of anything. He is also equal parts sweet and funny. Thanks again for our little addition to our family.
Emily & Clint
Victoria, BC Canada
Here are some pictures of the puppies!
They see each other all the time and love to play together. Sweetie and Danny have new names too. We call them Lola and Twitch. We are actually moving into a house and Luke (Lola's owner) is moving in with us so Twitch and her will be able to play all day everyday!  Twitch loves to play in the bath tub and he loves water anytime you have a bath or shower he fights to get in there. I sent you a picture of twitch playing in the bath tub. The picture with the other dogs is Twitchs new brother and sister. Chopper is his brothers name and Kaos is his sisters and they all get along great! Twitch loves to watch chopper and i think twitch thinks he will grow up to be that big one day. Well i will send you some more pictures soon!
Riley-DEC 09

Well, I finally figured out how to get his picture taken....get the camera out THEN try to take it.
Here he is this week.  Fitting in very well, super smart dog, and an absolute clown.
Hi Jeanie, I just wanted to say thank you and Jerry for your patience with me in picking a pup. Bolt now named Max has been such a joy. I do not know if you had worked with him on a leash however if not he is already been on two walks and is doing really well with some initial work in the yard and he already knows his name. We are now working on the word NO. Amonstg many toys and chewie thinging dings he is obsessed with the fringe on one of our rugs.
Today we got his shots and of course he was the clown at the vets office, all ooohed and awwwwed. We are proud as two new parents. LOL
Thanks again,
Debbra :) march 2010