Hi Jerry and Jean,
Hope this email finds you well. We wanted to thank you again for the amazing dog we got from you back in June 2014! Charlie Murphy keeps us laughing constantly and we love that stubborn little pig to pieces. We've attached some recent pictures so you can see how the goofball has grown!
We're also planning on moving from Brooklyn back to the Midwest soon, and we'd love to add another to the mix since we'll have a yard and more space! I think this time we might even look for a full French bulldog! I'm not sure if the frenchie puppies on your website are still available, and we might not be moved back by the time they are ready to go home- are you planning to have any more frenchie litters in the next year?
Looking forward to hearing from you!
Carolyn and Jackson (and Charlie Murphy)-Nov. 2016

Just an update photo of LeRoy now at 5 years and the best dog I have ever had.   We worked with a trainer and got him trained as my veteran service dog.  This dog helped me out of some hard times with my combat related injuries.  I wouldn't  be where I am today without this dog. 
Lloyd-Nov. 2016
Hi! I was going to email you as I was impressed at how well she did!! There was a little bit of crying at bed time, but after a few mins she settled down & slept through the entire night!! No whimpering or anything!! When I checked on her middle of the night she was dead asleep. Not sure if she was just exhausted from all the newness yesterday & the first night was too good to be true :-) Will have to see how she does on night 2! Thank you for the blanket too....I think it helped calming her in the car ride as well as last night.
Inna-Nov. 2016
We are looking for another female. Please let me know if anything comes availble. I have attached two photos of our little girl dog Harley. 
Thanks,Brent-Nov. 2016