Best dog ever!
Just thought I'd send you a couple pictures of the boys. Baxter is getting Winston to like him more each week :)

Thanks again!!
Emily-March 2016
Hi Jeannie!
Chris and I wanted to drop you a note to tell you how great Hugo is doing and how much love he brings into our world. We absolutely adore him. 
He loves playing fetch, meeting new people in the hallway, and snuggling up with us when he naps. 
We can't thank you enough for such a great pup! 
Happy Easter! Sara-March 2016
Hi, Jeannie.
I just wanted to update you on "Doc," whom we renamed Diesel.
He has won the hearts of all the family. He is around 12 lbs. now and loves car rides, snuggling on the couch and eating of course...lol.
Our family couldn't be happier. We are very grateful to you for giving him such a great start in life. He is a well-adjusted and even-keel companion.
This has been such an awesome experience! Thanks again!
Stephanie-April 2016
Good morning! Hope this finds you and your family happy and healthy!!
Just wanted to share and update you!! Hadley turned one yesterday, she is just such a joy!!
She has grown quite a bit but it still a lil peanut in comparison  with her Frenchie friends, weighing 15 pds you'd think she was 100 with her sassy spunky attitude????. We joined a group called Central Iowa Frenchies and what fun that has been! We've met several Frenchies(some I'm sure may be related to Hadley as we learned they were from Forest City)she has many friends with whom we meet about twice monthly for play dates, she just LOVES play time!!  I am happy to report that she is very healthy. Some of her favorite things include, walks, a stuffed pig we call pinky, car rides, pup treats and most of all snuggle time(9:00pm-10:30, a nightly routine we share before retiring to her kennel) her Kennel may I add is her haven, she often lays in her kennel even though there is hustle and bustle going on through out the day.
Some things Miss Hadley does NOT like: toenail trims(squeals so loudly you'd think they were cutting her entire leg off, when in fact we have just positioned her safely and haven't even began. She barks incessantly when I (only me doesn't bother her when my girls do this) am on the phone, cracks me up!! We are working on that, haha!! She dislikes the rain and thunder, must be ON my lap and places her head in the crook of my arm.

So in a nutshell she is doing fabulous! We can not express enough of how much we LOVE her!!
I also would like to reach out and let you know that next year hopefully around this time of year we are interested in adding another precious lil Frenchton to join Hadley. I'll keep watch on your website and if it's not too much to ask if you could possibly email me with approximate dates of expected litters I would greatly appreciate it!! TAKE CARE MISS JEAN, again we thank you for our little fur baby!!  Sincerely, Holly-May 2016
Hi Jean,
Attached please find the records that show that Luna was spayed. I’ve also included some pictures! She’s doing great and has quite the personality :)

Andrea-June 2016

Hi Jerry and Jean!
My boyfriend Adam and I are relatives of Montu in Minnesota, he is a Freedom Pup that came from you a little over 5 years ago.  We love him so much that we want to give him a little sister. 
That being said, is there any possibility of getting on the list for your next litter?
Thanks, Samantha-June 2016
Hi this is Rich. Here is a couple pictures of my puppy you sold me. He loves to ride in the truck. He definitely is wound for sound. Thank you. June 2016

Hi Jeannie, 
We just wanted to share some pictures of Bella and let you know that she’s doing really well.  We absolutely love her!!!  Her vet visits have all gone well and her ear finally popped up :)
Thanks again for all your help in connecting us with Bella and giving us a healthy and lovable puppy - We love her and think she is the most adorable thing ever!
Take care,
Erica, Ryan, Ava, Cora & Bella Nolte-Aug. 2016
Just wanted to share some pictures of the puppy. We named him Jagger and he is a sweetheart! Getting bigger every day. The last picture is of my first Freedom pup I got from you about 5 years ago, his name is Ty and my son Drake who is in love with them both. Heather~Nov. 2016