Hey Jean!! Just a quick update, Hadley is doing amazing!! Can't believe she is 6 months already!! We just adore and LOVE her beyond words!! She was spayed two weeks ago and did well!! She is an even 12lbs. And oh so pretty and spunky!! Hope you enjoy the video she is doing well with commands!!

Happy Holidays!! Sincerely, Holly
Dec. 2015

Been such a great year with my sweet Lil Izzy!  She is such a smart sweet girl. She weighs about 16 pounds. She has been that weight for a couple months. She loves her toys and is so strong. Loves playing tug of war or just falling asleep with a toy in her mouth.  Hope all is well with you. Love looking at the new puppies! I will get another one again.
Kelly and Izzy
Happy New Year! Dec 2015

I want to thank you again for little Chester, now known as Gizmo.  He is fitting in well with the family and his little ear is now up!  :o)  He has quite a personality and is already fetching.  :o)   
Happy New year!
Dec. 2015
Hi  Jeanie
I thought i would send you a picture of Stella  today  as  its  her  1  year  Birthday!

She is doing  great,  she is everything  we  could have  wanted!
Thank you
Cheryl-Feb. 2016
Hi Jean & Jerry! My husband and I adopted our Boston Zoey from you 15 years ago. Zoey's been gone for a little over a year now and our boys are begging us for a puppy. Looking at your site, we've become interested in you freedom Bulldogs. Will you have any puppies available this spring?

-Suzanne-Jan. 2016

I just wanted to send some updated pictures of our puppy! He's the joy of my life and love him dearly. He fits right in with the kids and our 7 year old English bulldog. I couldn't be happier and wanted to thank you again.
Leah-Feb. 2016

Hi Jeannie and Jerry, So happy we both got to come live in Des Moines.  We have both grown in a month.  Cricket, the lighter smaller girl, weighs 7.6 lbs and Jewels, darker larger, weighs 9.6 lbs.  We are about @ the 3 month birthday time. 
We go to puppy Kindergarten and we are in the "Littles" side of class.  We enjoy school and we like meeting other puppies.  We have met dozens of people and quite a few dogs.

We keep Lisa and Leslie entertained and laughing most of the time.  They think we are smart, curious, adventuresome and cuddly when tired.
That's all for now it's past our bedtime.
Jewels and Cricket
Feb. 2016
We couldn’t be happier with our new pup! In the last 3 days she has adjusted well to her new environment. She’s a sweet little thing with a feisty attitude! We’ve named her Maxi Jayne and she’s sidekick to her new big sister Lulu Belle. Max & Lu get along fairly well, they are (and will be) under supervised play time until puppy can handle adult doggie play & defend herself. She has slept through the night so far, and (as long as we stay on top of things) is doing good with her outdoor potty training. Other than Lulu sneaking nibbles of the puppy food bowl,  we haven’t heard her growl or bark at the puppy, hasn't bitten AND she hasn’t marked her territory at all! What a relief on that end! Thanks again for raising such beautiful dogs. We would recommend you and your puppies to anyone interested!
Take care & talk soon!
Haley, Casey, Gracey & Nelley
Lulu & Maxi too!
Feb. 2016

Good Morning.  I wanted to reach out today with a few pictures of Hank (cooper) since he turned 1 a couple of weeks ago.  We are so happy that we made the decision and brought him home with us. He has been a great addition and I still continue to watch your webpage to see the new puppies that have come along. 
Hope all is well
Jesse, Andrea and Hank-Feb.2016
She is very spoiled, we can't help it! We love her to pieces!
Michelle-March 2016

Love this little girl!  2 days with no accidents, sadly today not so good.
Jan-March 2016